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for a conscious & sustainable life

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Crafted in Spain

We carefully craft each Verdonce product using traditional methods from the old sewing workshops in Spain. By hand, with all our love.

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100% natural jute fibre

An ecological and sustainable material that uses minimal amounts of water. Fully compostable with a minimal carbon footprint.

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Bags designed to last and be used over and over again. Say goodbye to single use plastic bags in your daily produce shopping.

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Dozens of uses

and a single mission

A more sustainable lifestyle

Whether your objective is to reduce the amount of waste you generate or to completely eliminate it from your life, our bags will help you. Dozens of uses mean that you can use our sustainable and reusable bags to reject plastic shopping bags, reduce single use plastic bags and reuse them each day.

Our customers use them to buy and store fruit, veg, legumes, pasta and dried fruit or to take snacks on the go.

You can use them in so many different ways like organizing clothes when you travel, wrapping gifts, tidying shoes, storing accessories or carrying personal hygiene products.

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